CyberTruth LLC | Computer Forensics
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Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

Generally, computer forensics is considered to be the use of investigative techniques to identify, collect, examine and preserve evidence which is stored on digital media.

A forensic investigation can be initiated for a variety of reasons. The highest profile projects are usually with respect to criminal investigation or civil litigation, but digital forensic techniques can be of value in a wide variety of situations, including perhaps, simply re-tracking steps taken when data has been lost.

The sheer amount of data that is stored on a personal or business computer is immense and ever increasing. Important evidence can be totally overlooked or damaged by the untrained eye while attempting to sift through the host of information. Staff at CyberTruth are leading experts in examining this technology and can not only recover deleted data but can do so while maintaining the chain of evidence.

The most important question to ask when considering employing any form of digital forensics is “What would help my case if I could find it?”, instead of “What can you find?”.

Digital Forensics surrounds us in unprecedented ways.  It is becoming more difficult for investigators to track down potential wrongdoings through their traditional investigative means.  Digital evidence, including e-mail, activity logs, correspondence, user documents, internet activity and other electronic files are becoming increasingly crucial in internal investigations, civil matters and criminal cases, even when the data has been deleted or an attempt has been made at deleting and/or covering up the evidence.

The digital forensics investigators at CyberTruth are able to analyze all electronic evidence, recovering data even if it has been deleted. Our digital forensics expert technicians know and understand the artifacts and trace evidence that exists on electronic devices and how those can be used in both computer forensics court cases and other types of investigations. CyberTruth takes pride in their command of digital device reconnaissance.